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50mW Quality Green Laser

50mW CW Green Laser  - Highly Polished casing with soft touch Button


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Purchasing this Product is SUBJECT TO SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Which you Must confirm by Adding our Terms and Conditions to your Shopping cart.

This ITEM is NOT a public Presentation Laser Pointer

If you are looking for GENERAL PRESENTATION LASER POINTER.You can visit our partner site www.laserpointers.co.ukwhich stocks products fully UK Legal CE marked lasers forgeneral presentation use.

You MUST add THIS ITEM to your Shopping Cart to confirm you have READ and UNDERSTOOD our terms and conditions for the purchase of this item which confirms you understand it is a HIGH POWER laser and is dangerous to eyes , that you will not use this for General presentation use or in an area of general public access without having taken full H&S rules into consideration and you will meet all H&S legislations when in use , YOU MUST confirm by adding this item to your cart you UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC PRESENTATION LASER AND YOU WILL NOT USE IT AS SUCH and other conditions contained herein.

This ITEM is NOT a public Presentation Laser Pointer

This product is offered for sale as an OEM Product for use with other components. Purchase of this item confirms you are aware that is it NOT a public Presentation laser pointer. These units are for Scientific , industrial , theatrical , film , forensic , chemical analysis ,specialized lighting etc


This product is EYE DANGEROUS , we accept no liability whatsoever should you Injure yourself or anyone else when this product is in use. Purchase of this Product confirms that you aware that we accept NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER , it is YOUR responsibility to use this item safely and also meet your obligations under Health and Safety legislation.

Three properties of laser light are what can make it more of a hazard than ordinary light. Laser light can deposit a lot of energy within a small area. These unique characteristics that make it different than ordinary light. Monochromatic means that it consist of one single colour or wavelength. Even though some lasers can generator more than one wavelength, the light is extreme pure and consists of a very narrow spectral range. Directional means that the beam is very well collimated and travels over long distances with very little spread in diameter. Coherent means that all individual waves of light are moving precisely together through time and space, or are in phase. The effect of one wave enhances the strength of every other wave, so that the overall effect of coherent light is much greater than if the waves were not in phase.

The safe use of lasers requires that all laser users, and everyone near the laser system, are aware of the dangers involved. The safe use of the laser depends upon the user being familiar with the instrument and the characteristics of laser light.

Direct eye contact with the output beam from the laser will possibly cause serious damage and possible blindness.

If the laser beam is reflected or scattered from various objects, it is very dangerous. Avoid physical contact with the laser beam. The high spectral intensity and short wavelength may cause tissue damage which is not immediately evident.
1. Do not permit any reflective object in the path of the beam. Scattering the beam from a reflective surface can be very damaging to the eyes or skin.
2. Block the beam when not in use.
3. Turn the beam off, preventing stray reflections from occurring either between experiments or when moving the laser.
4. If possible, have an enclosed path for the laser beam.
5. Always point the laser at a specific target, such as a power meter.
6. Limit access to the laser to qualified users who are familiar with laser safety practices and who are aware of the dangers involved.
7. Post warning signs indicating the laser is being used.
8. Never point the laser beam at anyone's' eyes, or anywhere the beam is not controlled.

Utmost care MUST be taken with Both STORAGE and USAGE to protect from accidental exposure . Above 20mW even the Brightness of the Dot on a close wall can cause temporary flash blindness without direct exposure to eyes. These items are designed for specialist uses and must not be used in normal typical conference presentations etc under ANY circumstances. They must be kept locked away from children for the entire lifetime of the laser

STORAGE and usage situations ... do NOT under any circumstances point towards any plane or helicopter , even blocks of apartments . Lasers are designed for professional uses .. not for pointing at road signs !!! or to try and frighten technologically Impaired Grannies , these are professional Business / research tools.

Storage of your laser is also vitally Important. In general people do not understand the power of these beasts and the potential eye damage that can be Caused. Years may pass and you will become familiar with High Power Lasers ... Familiarity Breeds Contempt .... just because your laser is 3 years old will not make it any less dangerous . What happens if a child finds the laser in an unlocked drawer .... they will take it straight out and show it to their friends ... no doubt without safety precautions ..... So Please think long term ... today's 18 month child will be tall enough and wise enough to open drawers and laser casing in a few years > Keep High Power Lasers In a Locked Business Environment ,NOT at home and in a locked room / drawer / safe. Please NOTE part of the H&S legislation is you MUST display WARNING Posters around the AREA the Laser May be Used.

The relevent H&S legislation are that the governmental standards and requirements specify that the laser must be classified according to the output power or energy and the laser wavelength. DPSS laser are classified as Class IIIb based on 21 CFR, subchapter J, part II, section 1040-10 (d). According to the European Community standards, DPSS laser are classified as Class 3B based on EN 60825-1, clause 9.

If you do not agree with our purchase conditions please do not purchase this item

OEM = Own Equipment Manufacture

This 5mW Laser pointer is Constant Wave for Maximum Output. Outstanding Quality of finish and is supplied with terrific Matt Black Flight case for long term Secure storage.

Picture Animation illustrates Stealth Model Green Laser Pointer ( case may vary )

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