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The LAW in UK and most of Europe is similar

There is no laws in UK or EU DIRECTLY ( yet ! ) about laser pointers or laser pens . Unlike Australia where all laser pens over 1mW are forbidden in consumer hands and treated as weapons.

In UK Health Protection Agency legislation recommends  that laser pointers over 1mW are not to be available for purchase to general public  ,  we comply to this by NOT SUPPLYING LASERPENS OVER 1mW FOR GENERAL PUBLIC , CONSUMER USE ,and only supply modules  hand held lasers for legitimate uses by proffesional organisations and we actively manually check each and every order , and record each individual laser purchase over 1mW

The law treats higher power laser pointers ( greater than 1mW ) like knives,hammers,swords etc.The law does not want to see lasers  carried openly or used openly in public without risk assessment and safety considerations .Although point any laser product high or low power , laser pen or module at aircraft  and there is offensive weapon legislation that will imprison you.

If you have a legitimate use you are entitled to purchase and own and work safely with lasers  but like knives asnd many other products they are  potentially hazardous so purchase and use controls are recommended by health protection agency.


If you are stupid with a laser , just like if you were stupid with a knife or a hammer you would be charged under general offensive weapon legislation which can provide for 5 years imprisonment. At least a dozen VERY stupid people in UK have now been imprisoned for pointing lasers at aircraft , in one case for two years. Owning a laser brings responsibilities of ownership , both in use and in storage to avoid unrestricted access.

HPA QUOTE - After seeking advice from NRPB (now the Radiation Protection Division of the HPA) the then Department of Trade and Industry urged Trading Standards Authorities to use their existing powers under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005  to remove laser pointers of a Class higher than Class 2 (as defined in the British Standard) from the general market. Such devices are too powerful for general use as laser pointers and present an unacceptable risk in the hands of the consumer because they may cause eye injury in normal reasonably foreseeable use.

Our website does not cater to the General market , and do not sell lasers above class 2 to the general public , we hope as a legitimate user of laser products that you appreciate we may ask a few questions ( in some cases we may need to call you ) to confirm and ensure we are not selling lasers in contravention of these recommendations